I'm under the nick sharadaprincess, you can call me sharada though ;)

Sorceress23 is my co-creator. She helps out with the plot and often pointing out major amount of mistakes. She does the flat colouring for the pages, occassionally drawing some of the lineart. She is skilled with drawing detailed illustrations.

I started creating Timeriders years ago. The first chapter was made in a sketchbook and was nothing like the one you've might read here. Some time later I did a redo and finally started going further with the plot. I've done 5 sketchbooks, if I remember correctly, with more or less 2 chapters in each. And then in 2012, when I went to the university, I took a decision to redo the comics digitally and, after some time, to also make a blog for it.
A lot of things has changed in Timeriders since the "sketchbooks era". But for the better, as I think. Starting, I was aware that my drawing skills were far away from "good enough to be shown", but there's the saying: 'Better now or never', so I let myself to give the idea a try.

I am really flattered if you read/like my comics. I've got next chapters in my head, so I won't abandon the blog. Don't be afraid if sometimes there's no new page on the days it should be (and forgive me for that).

In the gallery you'll find a link to my Timeriders-realated art on tumblr ;)

If you would like to contact me, you can send me a message in my ask box on tumblr. I'll read it and answer, don't be afraid ;)


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