Franka Stein - a 16-year-old daughter of an actress, Toreance Stein

Ty Skawinski - 17-year-old resident of Tangryin Castle

Igor Skawinski - the owner of Tangryin Castle

Mark Skawinski - Igor's older brother, Ty and Annika's father

Annika Skawinski - Ty's younger sister

Izzy Skawinski - Igor's wife

Toreance Stein - Franka's mother, an actress

Phil Guido

Trina - Ty's friend, Juls' twin sister

Juls - Ty's friend, Trina's twin brother

Hariban - a mysterious Passer connected with the Queen

Queen Melea

Princess Kyolona - Melea's sister

Owlin Barnby - Kyolo's partner, member of GPO

Gdorgson - Hariban's friend, a messengar on the court

Kallin - captain of wastylian army; has a dog named Asa

Scarer - unusually acting dog that Franka and Ty found in a tower

Malan - Passer, introduced Kyolo to the Society of Passers

Kahamas - leader of Society of Passers

Tarren Maliyas - leader of special forces, Kallin's subordinate

Watchmaker - wastylian inventor; uses knowledge and memories gathered from his predacessors

Azana - Hariban's new friend, a skillful and knowledgable Passer

Emanil - Azana's friend, a doctor

Zayen - scientist, involved in creating the teranian monster


Chapter 1

Recluse met by Ty and Franka in the forest; gave them a map

Chapter 3

'Sassy blindman', former Passer, blinded by soldiers to be unable to use his skills; helped Franka and Ty find Kyolona's prison

Haron - blindman's grandson, a thief

Chapter 4

Luceel - Hariban's old friend; herbalist and healer; lives in Madok with her family

Gerdam - Luceel's husband

Chapter 5

Avart - guard working in a prison that Franka and Ty were locked in

Chapter 6

Grandpa Skawinski - Ty's grand-grandfather, previous owner of Tangryin

Mrs Basia - Mr. Skawinski's housekeeper

Chapter 9

Faeera Ortega - Wastylian, whose life Franka experienced; Aqaris's apprentice

Aqaris Velano - Passer of the Kingdom of Wastylia